Friday, May 25, 2007

Taking Stock

The other day I was driving the family car with the windows rolled down, marking out my territory at all the usual family shopping spots and listening to wax.on at an obnoxious volume. I rolled past a comic book shop I hadn't seen before. Since I was already in a whimsical mood, I parked and paid it a visit.

Twenty minutes later and 20 dollars lighter, I took stock of where I was, who I was, and what I was listening to. I came to some obvious conclusions:

(1) Comic book store clerks come in two models: those who are offended by your pitiful existence, and those who are keen to help you. Very, very keen. I think I prefer the former to the latter.

(2) When I exited the store, I smiled at an attractive young woman passing by. Her response was unmistakable. I hadn't received a glower like that since I tried the same stunt coming out of a comic book store a quarter-century earlier. What with my middle-aged proportions, my sensible family car and bag full of comic books, I couldn't have been less sexy if I'd been dangling a ring of brightly colored plastic keys. (If you're wondering why I'm smiling at attractive young women, it's because I smile at everyone. It's a trait I developed after moving to a village.)

(3) A Lecture on Geek Mythology by wax.on (eMusic here) is probably this summer's soundtrack. It's infectious, riff-driven loser pop-punk, somewhat akin to early Green Day. My daughters would love it, if I gave them the chance to listen to it. Alas for them, the "offensive lyrics" warning will be taken seriously by me ("Santa Is A Pervert" is a song that fully lives up to its title). With that last caveat, I wholly endorse DarkoV's recommendation.

And speaking of geek mythology...


DarkoV said...

So glad that you're enjoying Geek Mythology as much as I am. Wish that Santa Claus song wasn't on the CD, though. It's a speed bump on a most enjoyable ride.

DarkoV said...

Oh, and as regards that young woman's glower, please keep on smiling at any and all women. One major difference, IMHO, in comparing life in North Am and EUro-world is that a smile and glance over there is still interpreted as a friendly gesture or a note of appreciation. Maybe someday we'll realize that over here. A smile and a nod are not leers.