Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gratuitous Hockey Post

With Detroit now out of the picture, it's entirely gratifying to anticipate the Stanley Cup fight between Disney and Ottawa. I'll be cheering on the Sens, a team that has experienced its share of management, ownership and Players' Association grief. It could be argued that these trials are just part and parcel with belonging to the league, but anyone who lives near Toronto knows otherwise. If you wear a blue and white jersey, you are blessed with everything except a team that bothers itself with winning games.

But who would waste a thought on the Leaves right now, when the league's two best teams are gearing up for a proper showdown? Not I.


DarkoV said...

Hey WP,
Guess the Anaheim Ducks mass advertisement campaign hasn;t penetrated the dubious folks of the GWN. Disney, you say?! That's so yesterday's Lion King!

No more Mighty Ducks, a most embarrassing usage of an adjective, almost like the use of Maple (Signifying strength and unity) Leaves.

Yes, I agree with you. This hsould be a great series, although I did have a soft spot for the Buffaloes to be playing instead of the Sens. But, this year, Ottawa truly deserves to be in the finals and I hope Daniel Alfredsson has a greeat series. A classy and solid player; he deserves a day with the Cup.

trentreimer said...

WP - From your description one would guess the Leafs are the Green Bay Packers of the NHL then. But do they have a Brett Favre?

DV - Yes, Buffalo is one of those "feel good" teams. And a great match for the new NHL. Goodbye old NHL: New Jersey Devils, Calgary Flames,...

DarkoV said...

T Reimer,
I never count out the Devils as long as Sweet Lou is scheming in the front office or behind the bench...although Marty Brodeur is human and will some day retire.

trentreimer said...

DV - To think of it, if Lou can put together a new-NHL dominating team it would be quite a coup for New Jersey! Weren't the rules revisited specifically to discourage the systems introduced by Jacques Lemaire?

Whisky Prajer said...

DV - "Ducks" is still mighty embarrassing, and evidence enough that the team's paycheques are all signed by the Mouse himself. But far be it to take aim from my glass house at former Winnipeg-man Randy Carlyle. Disney clearly wants a hockey team, and they've at least had the decency to bring in talent with heart.

Which is what my man Alfredson has in spades. Look, this is a guy who's been subjected to the worst the League and the city of Ottawa could dish out, and year after year he's been the one player who's played as if he wanted that cup. And now he says he's seriously thinking of making Ottawa his official home - there's a mensch, I say.

TR - do you mean Brett as in, "the guy who will pull the team through to a championship win" a la Alfredson? If so, then I'm afraid the search is on, because the last eligible man for that task was Domi.

Yep, you read that right.

DarkoV said...

Being serious here. Disney has had nothing to do with the Ducks since 2005. This fellow, not necessarily hurting in the purse department has owned, along with his wife Susan, the Mighty Anaheims for the last two years.

The happy couple seem to be contributing to society quite nicely.

Whisky Prajer said...

*!* I did not know that! Here's hoping the Sens can attract someone with similar means, intent and character.

DarkoV said...

Doesn't that guy who owns Adobe from Ottawa? He can't be hurting and he's a real character, isn't he.

Me, I'd prefer someone from Hull owning the Senators. A bit on the grubby and grainy side, but damn, he'd be full of piss 'n vinegar.