Friday, May 11, 2007

Grade School Musical

There are (at least) two approaches to watching one's 10-year-old daughter perform a lead role in the grade school musical: (1) at the edge of one's seat, a bundle of tension and nerves, consciously willing oneself to take another breath in ... and out ... .... wup, better breathe in again ....; (2) immersed in the pleasure of the moment, laughing when it's time to laugh, and applauding when it's time to applaud. My wife embodies one extreme, and I the other.

Any guesses as to who fits which profile?


DarkoV said...

This is a tough one.
Let me see.
Your wife flies into Third World countries and then into unstable countries without armed guards and sees that as la-di-da day.

...let me get back to you. First. let me airfreight you a defribbulator.

Scott said...

I was going to answer, but Darkov said it smarter, meaner and funnier than I ever could have. Phooey!

Jim said...

Darn that DarkoV! That's the second time he's done that in as many weeks. And on different blogs no less!

paul bowman said...

can't ... stop ... laughing ... need ... defr ... defrib ... defribbulator

Gideon Strauss said...

Heh. Don't I know it. Except in our case both parents fit profile one.

Whisky Prajer said...

Oog. Meyers-Briggs this ain't. Let's see if I can mix up the personality profile with some further thoughts on hockey (heh heh!).

DarkoV said...

WP, Scott!
Not my intention.
I can always count on WP's entries to be funny and insightful and rolled out such that commenting is an easy pleasure, not a back-breaking task.

As far as his entry regarding his ever-adventurous wife is concerned, I'd be donning astronaut diapers (Asstral Wear) if I were to be travelling to some of the Third World outposts she goes to without armed bodyguards to accompany me. So, the suspension of the Flight aspect from "Fight or Flight", were I in her circumstances would be ne'er impossible.

Whisky Prajer said...

Bah - were I to get all sensitive on this issue it might be years before I ever received another comment from Bearded. Who knew a Scotsman could be so quiet?