Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gratuitous Hockey Post

Ottawa 1, Buffalo 0. What a crappy game! Someone in the Sabres must have entered the dressing room while talking about his favourite golf course. Goalie Ryan Miller was the only one who showed up to play. I still want Ottawa to win but, geez, not like this!


trentreimer said...

Perhaps Miller may get to play for a more interested team in 2010? It sounds like the Hockey USA organizers have been salivating for a chance to put a red, white and blue jersey on him.

And if he feels too sad he can always talk to Roberto Luongo...

DarkoV said...

You coould tell the Sabres were going ot have problems with physicality when they barely got through the Rangers series and their soon-to-be-retring but still feisty players.
Ottawa's younger, a touch nastier, and speedy enough in most cases to keep up with the Sabres.
I, however, have a soft touch for the Buffaloes; I still think they got royally screwed in the Stars Stanley Cup Finals a few years back.

And, really. You've got to love Lindy's cartoonish hang-dog face enough for him to win the Cup.
It's one year too soon for the Senators. Besdies, I'd love to see the Sabres skate circles around Detroit.

DarkoV said...

So, a decent game last night although Ottawa came on a bit too strong for my liking at the end. Miller, again, was impressive but there is no way he'll be able to hold on for another 3 games by himself. Maybe Lindy should don a uniform again and re-live his rough 'n tumble days as a defenseman and clear out some Senators parked in front of Miller.

Have to give the Senators kudos, though. Who would have thought that they'd be playing above their heads for so long?

Whisky Prajer said...

It's always irked me to watch the Sens choke in the play-offs, so I'm quite gratified to see them finally pull a little character out of their socks (or wherever it is that a hockey player retrieves character from). As for the Buffaloes, I'm sure Lindy is at the point where he's asking his GP and league officials if there isn't any way he can't don a jersey and tie on the skates. It *was* a very good game, but this still doesn't look like the Buffalo we were watching all season.