Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gratuitous Hockey Post

It's a curious experience to have my loyalties as a hockey fan so evenly divided. For most of last night's game I did not want Ottawa to win. But then Anaheim got into the habit of taking stupid penalties, and I thought the Senators would trounce them. That's not how it finally played out, of course. The Sens are still getting a sense of their opponents, and if last night's game is indicative, we'll be enjoying a very exciting series for the cup.


DarkoV said...

The last 6-7 minutes of the first period were unbelievable. That the Ducks couldn't pile it on gave me the shivers that the Sens would coma back from the 1:1 tie and trounce the Anaheims. Emery was fantastic. I'm with you on the even division of loyalty; both temas have enjoyable qualities. I'm leaning a bit more toward Ottawa because of Alfreddson, even though I love Niedermeyer (Scott, once a Devil always a Devil)....if only to say his name, Neeeeederrrrrmeyer.

trentreimer said...

WP, I was with you too but I found myself leaning toward the Ducks, what with the former Jets and all.

DV, my favourite New Jersey memory was the big playoff with the Dallas Stars. Sports casters were predicting a snoozer between two trapping teams but Neidermeyer started skating and the Stars had no choice but to try to keep up. It may have been the most intense series of the whole playoffs.

I wonder if Scott's presence has given Rob more confidence? I'm just thinking that he's had some good games recently and I thought yesterday's was no exception.

Giguere is a strange bird. He's no Marty Brodeur and judging by his comments he knows that. But somehow he is effective and he knows that too.

Whisky Prajer said...

I have to admit Alfredson makes the difference for me. Even though I've enjoyed Ottawa from the start (if only to embarrass the Leafs), Carlyle's Ducks hit quite the sympathy chord within me. Phoenix ain't the Jets, *that's* for sure. But I've enjoyed Ottawa's style of play since their inception, and they've worked hard on honing it, so I do believe they're my (and Don's) team this year.