Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Star Wars Day!

I was going to let the day pass without notice, but I really have no good reason to be coy on this matter. Happy birthday, Star Wars. *sniff* You're 30 years old today, and yet you don't look a day over 12.

A little link-love:
lots of fan-boys are linking to this piece by James Lileks, and for good reason: he achieves a crucial balance between public embarrassment and private joy that most of us 40-year-old Freaks of the Force are striving for. Yahmdallah has read all six pounds of The Making Of Star Wars, and has left me wishing his scanner was up and running. And the BBC has compiled a list of 30 facts most of us already know about Star Wars. Still, it's good to be reminded that Star Wars was beat out by Annie Hall as the Academy's Best Picture Of 1977. Feh. If you remain unsure as to which is the movie of greater cultural value, I ask you: just how many blogs are devoted to parsing over the dialogue between Woody Allen and Diane Keaton?


DarkoV said...

Coincidence Bells are Ringing!
Last night, my daughter and I were watching Annie Hall. While I was trying to foist off this movie on her since her high school days with no success, it seems one year at college suddenly left her coming home with a Must See!! list of movies that included this movie and a slew of others that also happened to be ones I not so slyly had suggested to her.

Advice, as we all know, will be taken in most cases not because of its wisdom but because of its messenger. As the movie messenger, it seems, I didn't have to be worried about killed; being ignored, well, yeah that's where the worry should have lied.

This Star Wars/Annie Hall thing is one place the two of us part. I still enjoy Annie Hall, though I don't watch it but every 2-3 years or so. Star Wars? Once was enough, I'm sorry to say.

Whisky Prajer said...

I'm actually quite fond of Annie Hall, particularly the Marshall McLuhan scene. Allen's closing "I need the eggs" sentiment is a phrase I wish were as popular as "May the Force be with you," but alas, that is not the world in which we live - yet. Perhaps if we increase the blogular chatter, the flame might eventually catch and spread.

Yahmdallah said...

Your point is correct about Annie Hall, but God I love that movie. Also, back in the day, there was NO WAY a sci-fi film would've been considered for an Oscar. Just getting nominated was a win back then for sci-fi.

Just a handful of my fave quotes from Annie Hall:

That's OK, we can walk to the curb from here. - On Annie's terrible parking skills.

Last time I tried marijuana I tried to take my pants off over my head. - Woody on drugs.

That's a major spider. - Woody on the spider he's been called to dispatch, after he'd made fun of Annie about her assessment of its size.

Touch my heart with your foot. - One of Annie's past paramours who was, to say the least, odd.

I'm into leather. - The little girl with the funky glasses during Woody's "where are they now" review of his classmates.