Sunday, May 20, 2007

Geez Louise, geez!

Speaking of outbursts: here I was, leafing through the latest ish of geez magazine (billed as a publication for "wannabe contemplatives, front-line world-changers and restless cranks." I qualify for two out of three: the last time I was at the front of any line was when I craftily cut in at the premiere of The Return of the Jedi. Oh, but the Lord did mete out a swift and stupendous plague for my young adult skullduggery: Ewoks!! And with them the narrative collapse of Lucas's Campbellian empire. Never, never again. Now I take my rightful place at the back of the line, and I don't complain.) when what do I see, but this — my snark!

Up until that point, I'd been thinking, Well, well. Either geez is finding its groove, or I'm finally catching on, or we're experiencing a pleasant confluence of the two. Lots of nifty riffings off of Walter Wink's train of thought, which I rather like. Then I see myself quoted: "geez has been a mostly ho-hum experience." Ouch. Oh well: I'm gratified to see geez printing other, even nastier opinions. And I'm even more gratified to be following its progress as a mischief-making mag. (I still advocate the interview as one of the fastest ways to get an idea across.)


F.C. Bearded said...

Where I come from, "geez" is short for "give-ees", which means "gimme".

You are welcome to my lavatory if you want it, sunshine.

ジョエル said...

Interesting about the Ewoks. I loved them as a 5 year old kid. I never even knew they were so hated in the star wars fan universe until the comparisons began with Ewoks and Jar Jar Binks. Makes you wonder if todays kids actually like Jar Jar binks?

Nah...I'd be hard pressed to see his appeal even to children.