Monday, February 12, 2007

"You don't have to sing that old song tonight"

I wondered if maybe I picked the wrong five minutes to watch The Grammys, but apparently not. I would have thought The Police an unlikely former trio to regroup for an audience that's been assembled to congratulate itself, but there they were, wheezing through "Roxanne". If I needed proof you can't get back your rock & roll glory years, last night was it. Sting can pump himself up to look like an Arnold stand-in, but he can't hit the high notes? Perhaps he's just indulging in the wrong drugs.

I switched off the television after two minutes of watching Jamie Foxx behave like Jamie Foxx. Man, there's a guy who's just about due to discover Scientology. If I left the scene too early, let me know in the comments.


DarkoV said...

Sorry, WP, when I was watching the telly last night I was too caught up in re-runs of Law & Order-CSI to even scoot over on the commercials to see what dreck was spilling out on the Grammys.

Who ever got a Grammy in the year they were supposed to, anyway? My previous viewings of the Grammys, which went way, way back in the '80's was that awards were always given out 2-3 years after they should have been. Timeliness was never an issue. I don't think I'd watch the Grammys even if they brought back the G'Dead for a reunion, including Pig Pen and Jerry.

So, someoine else will have to give you any news. Well, old news, regarding the Grammys.

tpr said...

Maybe you were lucky you caught the sub-par performance by the Police. Nice to know Sting is still body-conscious, ha ha. I was unfortunate enough to catch a sub-par performance by Carrie Underwood instead. Not that she sucks (even if she is popular) - she just got mismatched against this grandiose, near-Celine-Dionne style musical arrangement and wasn't pulling it off.

Thankfully somebody was searching for a giant crocodile on the next channel.

Was humorous to note the Dixie Chicks receiving so many *ahem* "musical" accolades.

Whisky Prajer said...

DV - it sounds as if there really was a G'Dead reunion, although none of the members who are currently "Pining for the fjords" were in attendance.

tpr - humorous, indeed. Johnny Ramone's words at the Hall of Fame were, "God bless George W. Bush," and he meant it. My own politics are closer to Joey's side of things, but you've got to love a punk who'll poke the eye of the people who are fĂȘting him.

Scott said...

Police tickets go on sale this Saturday.

Half of me thinks, "Oh man, it's the Police! How can I not go?"

Half of me remembers seeing Sting with Annie Lennox at the ACC last year -- as the opening act, she outclassed him in every possible respect.

I think I just settled my own dilemma...

Whisky Prajer said...

Their bit on the Grammys was a sad little revelation: none of them looked particularly happy about the situation, and I can't imagine the band vibe will improve as they hop from city to city.