Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More Snow

I love it.

I stepped outside to split some kindling for tonight's fire. The snow covers everything. My neighbor across the street came out, and closed the door behind her. Just hearing the click of the latch made me smile with pleasure. Snow doesn't just muffle sounds, it isolates them, singles them out. In fact, there are sounds that can travel quite a distance over freshly fallen snow: a dog's bark, or a coyote's howl, for instance.

Noises shining like diamonds.


Jim said...

You know, I really don't like snow. But I love the sound of the world after a snowfall.

Scott said...

Your comments are lovely and poetic, even though I absolutely loathe snow.

I think the experience of snow in the country and snow in the city are day and night. The scraping of snow shovels on concrete sidewalks is a singularly unpleasant sound.

I'm glad you're enjoying your snow days!

Whisky Prajer said...

I actually liked the city snow days, too. I have fond memories of closing the book store during a snow storm and walking south to the College Street cinema, where I was the only one enjoying a movie. So long as the projectors and streetcars were running, I was in heaven.

tpr said...

I had the good fortune to have an older brother who took me outside to play during a winter storm. I have loved snow ever since.

My mother's recent comment: "If the trees are going to be bare of leaves we may as well have snow. Snow is winter's beauty."