Saturday, February 24, 2007

Set It Up, Take It Down

Do you want to tell them Saturday is a clean-up day?


DarkoV said...

Very Interesting picture, this one.
One's in head of construction and architecture. The other one's the social director and Little People Psychiatry.
Do they switch roles or is this the usual pattern?

I like the speaker set-up, what with the wires in that bachelor state of "Hmm, today I want the good sounds in this room. Tomorrow? well, tomorrow's another day for me where sound may be necessary in another room". The wood stove, I'm assuming, is not a moveable object. That is unless you truly are a superhero, say Captain Ontario, who's capable of dragging the stove to any damn room he pleases, along with the flumes.

It's Saturday morning and I haven't had my coffee yet, and I'm probably reading way too much into all of this.

But, I know one thing.

It's a fabulous picture.

Jim said...

My kids used to do the same thing! All over the house! It was great, but also a nightmare.

paul bowman said...

Darkov's right: a great family pic.

And, uh ... can't help thinking that for a lot of families this scene already amounts to pretty cleaned up. An enviably peaceful scene for some, at any rate!

What's in view here suggests a really inviting, cheery house. Would enjoy seeing more. (Would happily swing by w/ truck & fix that broken tile for you if I were anywhere nearby, too.)

Whisky Prajer said...

DV - those speaker cables are the bane of my existence. This is in fact as tidy a stereo set up as I can manage. I'm silently hoping the heat from the wood stove will ruin this 20 year old speaker (which still delivers wonderfully) so that I can justify buying something a little less intrusive.

Jim - locating a kid's motivation to clean up is the neverending(?) parental challenge.

PB - yeah, that tile ... Actually, the whole thing should be expanded by at least six inches. I don't think the current set-up meets the regs.