Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fave Thing #2: From The Sublime To The Ridiculous

No, I'm not particularly partial to brown paper packages tied up in string: but I do have a soft spot for cardboard boxes, and my wife indulges me. Here is a corner in our basement, just under the stairs:

To make matters worse, there are boxes I hesitate to send there, this being a recent example (from a Christmas gift):

It should be enough that I'm enjoying the game with my daughters, but no: the box puts me in a nostalgic mood. For starters, the two hockey players on the left-hand corner harken back to the two knuckle-heads painted on the game of my youth. Besides, when we finally tire of our family tournaments, I'll want to re-box the game for safety sake. And happily married couples will be the first to tell you: it's always fun to reopen a treasured gift.


DarkoV said...

i believe we may have been seperated at birth. First, yesterday's theme, "A Book on every Floor, Floorspace limited by Books thereon."

And now pix of that basement stash of boxes kept (I'm assuming for the same reasons I've concocted) in "case I have to ship all of this stuff back in the original containers".

in our basement, the problem is the original containers are still there while the "original" equipment has been thrown out (sometimes from the third flor in a fit of Stereo Pique). Not you. Seems all of the containers are from recent purchases.


DarkoV said...

Just a note.
I'm forwarding the box pic to your local fire department so they'll know where the source of the flames are when they come calling. It's good to have all your fire sources in one place.

Whisky Prajer said...

Actually, there are boxes of older vintage hiding behind what you see. So are you going to name your price, or am I finally forced to fold and recycle?