Monday, February 26, 2007

Fave Thing #1

I shall start with the obvious: a well-larded book shelf. This is a reading/composition corner. Or, more often than not, a "let's put our laundry on daddy's chair" corner for the girls.

This is in the guest room/office. We have several of these crates from the old book store, and if I remember correctly they date back to the 1930s and 40s. Bookstore clerks must have been a muscular breed back then: a crate full of books will weigh close to 100 lbs.

This shelf sits just outside our bedroom. It's the final opportunity for bookish order. Once a book is carried through that door, it will wind up on an enormous pile next to my side of the bed (if it's any good, that is).

If the book won't fit on the little shelf, it can go here, on the other side of the hallway. I believe there's still room for another 50 titles or so.

The dining room, where any mealtime argument you might have can be quickly cross-referenced with a few handy tomes.

And finally a little shelf, just before you leave. I suppose you could store your hat on a shelf like this. But what if, just before you step out the door, you are gripped with the urge to read Cormac McCarthy? No, it's much handier to place his Texas Trilogy, or a spare copy of John Crowley's Little, Big close to the door for just such an occasion.


Jim said...

**whispering** "Awesome!"

Phil said...

Now this is a man knows how to decorate.

paul bowman said...

Want to go to Canada, now, & hang out in your house for a day. (Followed (or preceded, no particular order), come to think of it, by a day at the Strauss house, Locke Street.)

Would bring my own coffee & stay out of the way. What are your rates?

prairie mary said...

What a charming house! And wouldn't I love to riffle around in your bookshelves! If you settle on a rate, let me know. Of course, I'd have to bring the cats and I'm not sure I'd be allowed to cross the border, even without them.

Prairie Mary

Whisky Prajer said...

To one and all, friends stay for free. But anyone who can help me gut and rebuild the upstairs bathroom is especially welcome.

Scott said...

Buddhists say dealing with jealousy is one of the hardest lessons.

You, old friend, are a fine teacher indeed.

PS, and off-topic: I rented Little Miss Sunshine, a dysfunctional family merriment located somewhere smack in between The Royal Tenenbaums and Six Feet Under. It's less than the sum of its parts but most of the parts I delightful. Just thought I'd pass that along.

Scott said...

*are* delightful...


paul bowman said...

Bathroom, hm? That might be more than a day's stay. But how does one get anything accomplished in that house with all those books about?


Little Miss Sunshine is one of the recent titles that sounded at first, & keeps sounding, kind of appealing.

Jim said...

Uh, I can help rip stuff apart. Putting stuff together though, well, you're just askin' for trouble at that point.