Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Youthful Desires Publishing Update

Once I figured out pagination, the rest of my formatting proceeded without a hitch. Lulu has my file, and I've placed my order. I now await my proofing hard-copy of Youthful Desires. If the message boards at Lulu are any indication, I'll receive it within two weeks' time.

I'll repeat for the record that this is not my Chinese Democracy (a 763-page little something I once wrote is a more likely candidate for that category). As the signs say when you slow down and finally come to a complete stop for road repair: Thank you for your patience!


Joel Swagman said...

Any chance that 763 page one will ever see the light of day? YOu could always publish it on-line if nothing else.

Whisky Prajer said...

I've given it a little thought, chiefly due to encouragement from my wife. The last time I looked at that pile I had the impression it was four short novels trying hard to fit into one. I'd say one of those shorties should be abolished to the wilderness for keeps, one deserves a second chance at life and love, and the remaining two ... well, they need another look, if nothing else. Once this collection hits the shelves, I'll get back to the pile and start shovelling.