Sunday, July 26, 2020

Rattling in my brain-pan

Some pieces what’s got me cogitatin’ this week:
  • “It’s strange that we now see America threatened by a plague. Because without plague, America, as we know it, would not exist.” Thus begins Andrew Sullivan’s survey of the plagues that shaped human history, over at New York magazine.
  • “What good is it to speak of leaps of religious faith without first speaking of leaps into more immediate paradoxes, into the uncertainties of story and human subjectivity?” At The American Interest Mike St. Thomas reviews a book I very much look forward to reading, Christopher Beha’s new novel, The Index Of Self-Destructive Acts.
  • “The so-called Culture Wars are less a war against Christianity than a civil war between Christian factions.” Ed Simon considers the scope and penetration of Christendom while reviewing How The Christian Revolution Remade The World by Tom Holland, at LARB.
  • “While Galloway and others see mass delivery of content through online platforms as the solution to the real problems of overpriced and underperforming institutions, Hitz sees such platforms as the catalysts of opinionization and anti-intellectualism. Indeed, the metamorphosis of college education into an enormous Zoom meeting is incompatible with Hitz’s brand of intimate thoughtfulness, for in her eyes the internet is ‘a cesspool for the love of spectacle’ and a ‘bottomless temple of lurid fascination.’” Charles McNamara reviews Lost In Thought by Zena Hitz over at Commonweal. Say, you’ve already dropped in on Michial Farmer’s spritely chat with Hitz, have you not?
  • And finally: “No wonder, then, that the dominant online mood is one of resentment that spills over into bitter conflict. The game is signalling to most of us that we are losing.” Hey, any tip o’ the hat to René Girard is the sort of confirmation bias I will affirmationally and biasedly confirm! Geoff Shullenberger at The Tablet.


pdb said...

Been eyeing that London Review article on Christendom. It’s open in a tab now at least.

Whisky Prajer said...

Cool -- I think you'd dig it. My OCD variant compels me to correct: it's Los Angeles Review, an outfit which doesn't mind veering into territory London typically disregards as woo-woo.

Coincidentally, this morning I followed several bunny trails and wound up reading this Comment piece on Post-Liberal Epistemology. The writer was hitting ALL the right notes with me -- a first for Comment -- and forcing me to slow down and take some notes. I reached conclusion and appraised the essayist's bio. Tara Isabella Burton -- a lovely, erudite young woman ... where had I encountered her before? Then: Dammit. Bowman! AGAIN! :)

pdb said...

And now am actually reading that article past the first paragraph (from which I took London, above, it seems, and transferred it).

Eventually will have a little more to say about TIB, I think. Not a lot.

pdb said...

‘Liberal secularism is an invention of universal Christianity that countenances pluralities free from persecution,’ is it? Yeah, much to discuss here …

: )

Whisky Prajer said...

We've shown you people how it's done -- now get to work!