Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hitting The Beach With Hipster Lit

We just returned from our yearly retreat to Maine (surely la belle Province de la belle Province; Maine's schools would do well to teach French as a second language). Alas, I left the beach before I perused this link from Darko: Bookhampton's Hipster Lit Shelf by Macy Halford.

When we were packing for the trip I seriously considered carting Roberto Bola├▒o's 2666 down to the sand and sea, but reached instead for a used and very weathered copy of Buffalo Girls by Larry McMurtry — a complete hipster fail, on my part, but also an effortless, emotionally rewarding read.

Halford notes the absence of female authors, and offers as a correctional Flavorwire's Ultimate Hipster Reading List. I think the search for the female literary hipster could be aided by the additions of Sheila Heti and Miriam Toews.


DarkoV said...

Did you hit the same beach as last year or did you wander up the coast to Camden and perhaps Acadia National Park?

Whisky Prajer said...

Same old same old. All we did was read, bob around in the ocean, eat & drink & sleep. Which was just what the doctor ordered.

DarkoV said...

Just Kindleized Shiela Heti's "The Chairs Are Where the People Go" a few days ago and am enjoying it tremendously. Short cooling bits to get through the blistering heat.