Monday, July 11, 2011

Tropicália via Red Hot + Rio 2

My weekly habit of purchasing a newspaper occasionally pays off musical dividends. Until I read J.D. Considine's enthusiastic rave for Red Hot + Rio 2, "Tropicália" was not a genre I was familiar with, nor had I heard of any of the "Red Hot" projects. I've little to add to Considine's appreciative appraisal, except that my own ear tends to incline toward the more eclectic tunes: "Ela" by Curumin, "Bat Macumba" by Os Mutantes and of Montreal, and "Aquele Abraço," a fabulous stew served up by Brazilian Girls, Forro in the Dark and Angelique Kidjo. And "Freak le Boom Boom" by Secousse and Marina Gasolina is so virulently infectious, it makes me a little crazy — in a good way (I think...).

The curious should not delay: this is the ideal soundtrack for summer soirées on the patio.

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