Monday, October 29, 2007

Turn And Face The Strange

I've been somewhat unsettled to note a gradual slip in my blogular standards ("Cooking With Pooh," fer crying out loud!). Coincidentally, here I am at this mid-lifey moment, with a brain intent on worrying over the standard set of failing biological applications. In the past I've found mental stimulation on this mighty worldwide web, but here too I've been trading stimulation for distraction ("Cooking With Pooh" ... sheesh!). My consciousness seems reluctant to leave its cluttered attic of dusty divertissements, and almost determined to avoid any search for the coveted Third Way through -- art, spirituality, mental health, community, what have you. Yah, you old bum, get out and look fer a job already! "Cooking With Pooh," ... mutter, mutter.

Add to this my own personal Monster In A Box -- a heap of paper in which there are some truly beautiful moments, but mostly a collection of embarrassments that I simply do NOT want to burden my daughters with. I need to cull the beauty into a smaller, cohesive form, and drop the rest through a shredder. As my former aikido sensei once admonished, a person has to choose their particular discipline and learn to let go of the distractions.

With regards to this blog, I believe two roads have diverged. Route 1: frequent, shorter postings of lesser quality. Route 2: fewer postings, but (hopefully) better quality. Being the amiable, indecisive guy I am, I believe I'll give 'em both a try. November is, I'm told, National Blog Posting Month and we in the blogosphere are encouraged to post every day for that month. But once December hits, I believe I'll slow that down to once a week (every Thursday sounds doable).


ジョエル said...

I guess a blog means different things to different people. You've probably noticed there aren't a lot of quality standards on mine. To me it's more or less an outlet for whatever pops into my head. It's not quite free writing, but it's not too far removed.

I don't have a lot of literary ambitions at present, but I figure if I ever do I thin the blog will be a great place to draw ideas from and re-work into something more interesting.

In the meantime there is something to be said for something that gets you into the habit of writing everyday, even if not everything you produce is pure gold

Yahmdallah said...

As for this regular visitor, just keep posting, please.

I liked the pooh post, too.

Jim said...

Just don't quit.


Whisky Prajer said...

I can't see myself stopping altogether. The trick is to re-balance some of my priorities, is all.

DarkoV said...

I look at NaBloPoMo as an Internet version of a sweat lodge. Turn up the heat and the water vapor and get rid of those poisoned postings all in one month. And though you shouldn't be beating yourself up about the "Pooh" boy cooking, you'll be most certain to purge any other similarities by the end of the month.

And, IMHO, you'll be posting your usual cache of high wire acts leaving us, your readers, wondering, "How did he do that...again!??!"

paul bowman said...

Ditto on Darko, with his closing affirmation/exclamation there.