Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's an über-geek's world -- the rest of us are just cluttering it up like so much botched code

Scott linked me up with this interview with Kristen Bell. The quote that caught my (and his) eye is near the end: "The New Beverly in Los Angeles had a double feature the other night of Tron and the Last Starfighter. So I was like I kind of needed to see that at least just once in my life because that seemed like an awesome double feature, you know?"

My immediate response to that statement was contemptuous disbelief. "I miss playing Veronica Mars, but I went to Comic-Con to fish for a role on Heroes because it's just, like, SO KEWL!" You're just telling the fans what they want to hear, you shameless hussy!!

Then I thought back to this photo (SFW, link via Yahmdallah) of "The Slave Leia Appreciation Society" that showed up at a Star Wars con ... and the penny dropped.

I was a young man back in the days when a Tron and Last Starfighter double bill was a "males without wheels" feature. In those days, the women that mustered up the courage to attend a Sci-Fi con tended to look more like Doris Lessing than Carrie Fisher on a stay-trim-with-cocaine regimen. Back then "Asperger's" was just a clever name for what the REAL Alpha-Males made out of the geeks among us.

Brother, but the ground has shifted below our feet....


DarkoV said...

Know you no shame?!? Just off of winning a Nobel prize and you have Ms. Lessing's appearance soiled with the likes of 1980's Sci_fi conferences.

Although.....if you used one of those depressing Agerizer software programs, methinks the young and fetching Ms. Fisher would, well at least her face, resemble the Nobel Lessing.

DarkoV said...

..oh, and that last paragraph? Tlak about your scorched earth writing. Geez, nobody comes out of that mash of word unscathed.
None bleeker.

Trent Reimer said...

One thing bullies and geeks have in common is a lack of healthy social skills so perhaps the shift is not altogether inappropriate.

Whisky Prajer said...

I suppose I should be happy for them. But then I was never particularly fond of the Camaro-driving louts, either.