Thursday, October 11, 2007

DEVO, 1978

Speaking of DEVO, I know I've given them the odd razzberry here. But, honestly -- how cool is this?

Gets me feeling like I'm 14 again ... *sigh*


DarkoV said...

Great Clip.
Great Band.
Always appreciated their economical approach to band clothing, from shoes to uniforms to sunglasses. Buying in bulk, but unique bulks.

Still waiting, though, for unique uniforms to be de rigeur in this dress-down casual world. Why did that never catch on in the corporate world? We'd be so much more efficient, not wasting our early morning debating clothing choices. Not hanging around the water cooler/(pissy) latte dispensers, critiquing our casual lameness.

Whisky Prajer said...

Well, if you work at one of the Japanese/American factories (Honda, etc.) everyone from top to bottom wears the same outfit -- not at all unlike the yellow jumpsuit of our band, actually.

Watching this video the first time I was struck anew by the band's actual musicality. By the 80s they were clowns with synthesizers, but in 78 they had "real" instruments, and did a good job of keeping track of their contrapuntal rhythm thing -- all human abilities, contrary to their pose.

I was also struck anew by Fred Willard's inability to age. Yikes!