Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shades of genius in Idiocracy?

"The Costco of the future has aisles numbering in the tens of thousands. There are rail stations to help shoppers get around. Racks soar overhead till they're lost in darkness, and a long shot reveals a field of neatly ranked red sofas stretching to the horizon. Joe's new friend Frito is nostalgic visiting Costco, because he went to law school there. And at the entrance stands a greeter, a young man the size of a sumo wrestler, who morosely tells each shopper, 'Welcome to Costco. I love you.'

Now, there are plenty of jokes circulating about Costco's vastness, but the greeter's 'I love you' is a bit of genius."

Even though I am a fan of King of the Hill and, to a lesser extent, Beavis & Butthead, I believe I'll take a pass on watching Mike Judge's Idiocracy. But I'm sure glad Frederica Mathewes-Green didn't.

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Yahmdallah said...

I saw it, and it's as hard to get through as he described it. Flashes of brilliance, but mostly a slog.