Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Upgrade ... er, "Update"

A fella can say some funny things when his fever runs up to 105. Beth is suggesting we podcast my monologues. Here's hoping my second day on antibiotics shakes off the fever.


Jim said...

That's not good. Not! Good! You're not up that high now are you?

yahmdallah said...

Jeez, dude. See a doctor. Seriously.

ジョエル said...

hope you feel better soon

dan h. said...

Might I suggest that a Scorchers show in Nashvegas would have cured this. ;)

Hope you're feeling better soon.

DarkoV said...

You're using your literary license here on the 105 degree thing, right?
I know the medical care in Canada, while excellent once you get admitted, is a bit slow on the...admittance. I would think with a 105 temp. you wouldn't have to use too may of your thespian skills to get a doctor to cure the ills. That loop job TB lawyer from Atlanta flew into Montreal, not Toronto, right?, when he crossed the border to get back into the States.

I'm with Yamdallah on this, GEt thee to a doctor!