Monday, June 25, 2007

Seven Unlikely But True Things About Me

In response to DarkoV (whose seven actually make for entertaining and enlightening reading):

(1) When I was an 11-year-old slingshot-totin' boy, I nailed a redwing blackbird in midflight.

Ten years later I repeated the stunt on a grouse (yum!), this time with a .22 rifle.

(3) My right (sighting) eye is near-sighted, my left (alignment) eye is far-sighted. In other words, these feats of marksmanship were the result of dumb luck — but you knew that already.

(4) I own a hunting bow.

(5) I haven't drilled so much as a paper target with it.

(6) Our countryside is lousy with deer.

(7) I've yet to taste a venison dish I could finish (if you think you have a winner recipe, go on and e-mail it to me). The only meat that tastes worse than deer is moose.

My tags: you (and I'm not naming names, because no-one bothered themselves the last time I did).


DarkoV said...

Thanks, WP, for being so willing. Seems like you were in a Jim Harrison frame of mind when you went all random. If I come to visit, I'll be sure to:
1) Phone ahead.
2) Not wear,
a) My chicken outfit.
b) My deer outfit.
c) My Generic Edible Venison outfit.

Cowtown Pattie said...

Veddy intheresting! ("h" included intentionally)

Hard to make you hear Arte Johnson's silly German accent...