Thursday, June 14, 2007


Thanks all for your concern and well-wishes. In fact I saw a doctor on Tuesday, which was a foolish postponement on my part. This is my second day on antibiotics, and I've been reassured that all things fever-wise get taken care of in the first 72 hours.

So, until that blessed moment when the clouds finally clear from my brain (and lungs), I'll be reading lightweight stuff, or watching Star Trek. Kirk, Spock, McCoy ... could a fella ask for more cheerful company during his convalescence?

Which gets me thinking: what other stuff do people watch when they're sick in bed? What's the visual equivalent of chicken soup, or macaroni & cheese?


Cowtown Pattie said...

Re-runs of Captain Kangaroo? I Love Lucy? Family Affair?

Slay those bugs and get better.

Yahmdallah said...

American Graffiti followed by Dazed & Confused

DarkoV said...

W.C Fields' movies.
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break
My Little Chickadee
The Bank Dick
You Can;t Cheat an Honest Man
It's a Gift
Since you'll probably sound like Fields, as you're sick, might as well see yourself on screen pontificating about nothingness.

Oh, yeah, and Ronin because DeNiro and Reno are great together.

And Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels to blast away your ill feelings.

These are all great male wallowing about flicks, IMHO.

trentreimer said...

Football. Of any kind. NFL, CFL, AFL, MLS, UEFA...

ジョエル said...

Well, you can't go wrong with classic star Trek Re-runs.

I also enjoy cartoons from childhood for the nostolgic factor: Super friends, Spider man and friends, etc... About the only time I feel like I can justify watching them is when I am sick or lazy

Scott said...

Well, since you've asked ME, I say Doctor Who works a charm.

My advice to you, however, would be sitcoms -- light on plot for stress-free viewing and laughing always makes me feel better (assuming that your bronchial issues don't make it painful to do so).

I love the UK Coupling and a Seinfeld marathon is great -- you're allowed (if not encouraged) to find the characters dreadful, which is oddly soothing when you're bedridden and miserable.

Oh, and pudding! Pudding is somehow delicious when you're sick!

And of course, I send you best wishes -- Get well soon!

Whisky Prajer said...

CP - sounds like you're a morning TV person. Were you Canadian, you would be a shoo-in for the Mr. Dressup Fan Club.

yahmdallah - rock & roll and sweet memories. Yeah, that works.

DV - Man, I saw soooo many of those W.C. Fields' movies on Sunday afternoons when the weather was lousy (and sometimes even when the weather was perfect). I do believe I'd throw in a few Crosby/Hope "Road" movies as well. As for Ronin, that's the sort of fare I pick up when the end is in sight and I'm feeling the return of testosterone to my veins.

TR - it's a curious thing: I've always enjoyed a good Sunday afternoon nap to the sounds of a televised football game.

JS - yeah, cartoons could help. They could also make me crazy, though.

Scott - right now, laughter is a bad, bad idea. Last night the girls and I watched The Deadly Years. What a ham souffle! Between these trim men in their "aging" makeup projecting to the cheap seats, and staged ploys like Kirk napping in the command seat while the entire bridge watches with concern, I couldn't stop laughing. And coughing. And laughing. And coughing. No no - for me, true comedy must wait for another week or two.