Thursday, June 07, 2007

Gratuitous Hockey Post

Halfway through the first period as I was watching Ottawa struggling once again to figure out how to play this game with this team, I thought, "I wonder if the circumstances aren't just about right for another Steve Smith moment?" In a just world, this would never have happened to Chris Phillips, who was outplaying nearly everyone else on his team. But in a just world it would never have happened to Steve Smith, either.

I certainly enjoyed watching the Ducks play the last four games. They executed a forward rush that Ottawa never got a grip on (though there were signs in the first period last night that that had changed). The Stanley Cup is duly theirs, and I'm very happy for Randy Carlyle, Scott Niedermeyer, that Penner guy from the prairies ... even Chris Pronger!

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DarkoV said...


And I quote,"I certainly enjoyed watching the Ducks play the last four games".

Yeah, but WP, my overriding belief is that it still takes tow teams to make a Stanley Cup Finals series. The Reresentatives could have played as well as the Senators in this year's finals.

Oh, but if the Buffaloes had won....Now that would have been a series.
And what is it with Niedermeyer? He's got to learn to share the love (and the Stanley Cup) with teams he's not a member of!