Saturday, May 13, 2006


Just how bad is it? Consider: I've used this title before.

I think I'm attempting to recover my pre-April stamina -- that effectively being the month my wife spent in Africa. My attention seems unmoored; I don't really listen to anyone for very long, I can't seem to finish any of my reading (ergo The Bright Spot's presence "On The Floor" for the past two months), and musically I'm compelled to brainlessly re-consuming rock from my youth ("On The Platter"). If I could justify it, I'd probably spend the day playing video games (I can't, thank God). I attend to the family, and to basic household maintenance.

So my apologies for the "lite" material of late. This, too, shall pass -- and if you have any advice toward its expediency, I'm all ears.


paul bowman said...

Have been thinking about this a bit since yesterday. My circumstances & pursuits don't seem to be all that comparable with yours; trying to imagine myself in your spot only gets me so far. But I can't help thinking, though there's perhaps a good deal behind what you describe that I can't see, that I'd encourage something along the lines of attending to family & to household maintenance, with avoiding of video games — drawing on what I know about myself. : )

Whisky Prajer said...

PB - not to worry: a day spent gaming just isn't in the cards (heh). I think my overriding concern is with my seeming inability to "fully engage". But this vacillating level of attention seems to be somewhat cyclical, even seasonal. This bit of grumbling is just my way of serving notice that I do realize the level of material here has been a bit "lite" of late. But that's all about to change, I'm sure!

paul bowman said...

What sounded right to me in your bit of grumbling was that substituting of 'attending' to things near at hand & everyday for the momentarily elusive 'being fully engaged' with things broadly, in the clarity or scope you're used to when you're operating on all cylinders.

Just seemed to me a good dose of the advice you were inviting — at least as far as I relate to the occasional down/disconnected feeling you're talking about — was there in what you'd just said.

Whisky Prajer said...

Hmm. You know, if you ever get fed up with the reno-biz, you might want to consider the psychotherapy field. ; )

paul bowman said...

Oog — that's a line of work I don't even approach in imagination. But I take it there may be a compliment of some kind intended — thanks, then. : )

Phil said...

I'm with you. Horror movies and sci-fi, that's been all I'm good for the past week or so (after writing my final massive papers, grading my freshmen and getting a cold).

I had a good writing day today, though--actually a great writing day--and now I'm being more productive than at any point in the past week. These things come and go, like minor illnesses.