Friday, May 19, 2006

Superman Is A Dick

Just to prove to Cowtown Pattie that I'm not averse to theological controversy: Drawn! links to Superdickery, a site I've wasted time on before (thanks to Boing Boing). This is the cover that finally got me giggling. The word for Soop's body-language, I believe, is insouciant.

Unfortunately, there seems to be reams of irrefutable evidence that he's also a bad influence on my favorite super-hero, Batman:

Still not convinced? Go ahead and view all 191 examples.


Cowtown Pattie said...

I kinda like this comic book cover:

So, you plan on seeing the Superman movie, my artistic compadre?

Oh, and Deadwood rocks!

DarkoV said...

A deadly trap you set, sir. So, I had no choice but to set the same trap on my site. Perhaps it'll keep a potential miscreant off the street and reduce hooliganism for a week or two.

Batman your fav super hero? Hmm, I thought it would someone more like Spiderman. And I mean the comic book Spiderman, not the movie Spiderman. Shame about the latter; personally I thought this guy would have made a much better movie Spiderman.

Whisky Prajer said...

Pattie - I'm having trouble with your link, alas. Looks like I ought to be a gmail member. As for the movie, I'm afraid that's another I won't be lining up for. Soop has never held much appeal to me, although the two Smallville episodes I caught were surprisingly engaging. But speaking of links...

DV - looks like the final link on your comment is missing something: we're still in the dark as to who your ideal Peter Parker/Spidey might be.

And yes, I slipped up: Spider-Man is my all-time fave. I should have labelled Bats as my "DC fave" (these distinctions being of utmost importance). Bruce Wayne never had much of an identity outside of the cowl, while Poor Peter Parker always had more than he could handle. Where would we be without our existential heroes?

DarkoV said...

WP, this didn't show up under the Super Mathematician link? So not sweet!
I was never a DC fan in that the villains always appealed to me more than the heros. And what mania possessed the DC illustrators? They were really into those belt loops on the Depends shorts the heros always wore. What was that scatological thing about?

DarkoV said...

Woops, I think I see what you meant CP. It's nto that the link was left out, it's that the writer (sadly, that would be me) expressed an unclear idea in a muddled way uncompensated by any familiar facts. Thanks for the careful New Yorker fact check on that entry!

DarkoV said...

Just what you needed.
Proof Positive as to which comic book you should be inked in.

The Big Test

Turns out, I'm supposedly The Sulk, I mean Hulk

Whisky Prajer said...

I'd take The Hulk over The Flash - "Fast, athletic and flirtatious." eeeeww!!