Sunday, May 07, 2006

Kensington Market

Our family drove down to Kensington Market in Toronto, yesterday. It's the first place we go whenever my wife or I start worrying that our girls might be getting a little too comfortable being small-town girls. I used to live a block away from the market, and though I don't miss the noise (particularly from the tormented escapees of the local mental health ward), I do miss the locale and the barrage of sensual stimuli.

Butterfly is the girls' favourite store, at the moment. Like most Kensington venues, it is tiiiiiiiiny. Being a bit of an agoraphobe, I get a little squirrely in these places; as pleasant as it is to have attractive young women constantly bumping into me (and asking me to move), I can only take a few minutes of it before I break for the door. No matter. Kensington stores bring their wares outside.

The market is also well-populated, and pretty much embodies what Jane Jacobs was all about. I can't imagine what rental rates are (15 years ago I was paying $600 a month for a tiny bachelor suite with a hot-plate), but it still seems to attract bohos of every stripe. It's a colourful place.

Alright, so the house above doesn't exactly have the best-kept garden. At least they've paid attention to appearance of their front steps...

Enough of this touristy gawking. Okay, kids: because you've been such an uncomplaining two-some, I'll let you share a single can of iced-tea! (Why yes, I am a cheap bastard -- hey, save a little for your old man!)


DarkoV said...

..and this is a picture of us as kids, before we discovered the mysteries of hedge funds and deep sea oil investing. Life was quaint with the old man; he still insists on our beverage sharing when we visit him at the Royale Old Bloggers Rest Home & Keyboard Emporium. We play along so as to sooth his nerves; it usually brings a tear to his eye beofre he launches the Reminiscence Barge for that slow journey. It's way dark before we can scoot out on him.
..aye, but he's dear one, is dad.

paul bowman said...

Never been to Toronto or heard of the Kensington neighborhood — interesting photos.

The one of your girls, of course, is wonderful. Hope you've got some prime display space free for it. : )

Whisky Prajer said...

DV - eerily prescient, that.

Paul - thanks. I must say, however, that display space is at a premium in this house.