Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gratuitous Hockey Post

Well, well. We've gone from contemplating an "All-Canadian" series to contemplating an "All-American" one! Not that that's a bad thing. Go, California!


Trent Reimer said...

One thing about the new NHL - it is unpredictable.

I watched Edmonton put away the highest ranked team in the league and there was no doubt Detroit was indeed the stronger team. But the more remarkable thing was that Detroit showed heart and determination. It's a differnt thing when you convince the strong team to give up, as evidenced in the Anahiem/Calgary series.

It looks like speed, and by extension youth, have become higher currencies. Musclemen are being out checked by unobstructed speedsters.

On another note, I thought that perhaps Ottawa looks to be a victim of their own talent as Buffalo is picking off showboat passes and turning them into break-aways.

What are your takes?

Whisky Prajer said...

For once I'm in agreement with Don Cherry: I don't think Alfredson came to play. It's like he's always looking for the first opportunity to get off the ice. Is he hurt, or sick, preoccupied with family difficulties? Whatever the case, the captain's focus is clearly elsewhere, and that's going to do as much to demoralize a team as having a young yahoo goalie admit only one goal after a barrage of 44 shots.

How about San Jose, though? How long do you think they can play this physical a game before injuries take their toll?

DarkoV said...

All well and godd this handwringing about the washerwomen of Ottawa.
What I want ot know is, What the @$%# is up with Martin Brodeur?" Does he need more marital infidelity to fuel his playoff tank? Can it really be possibel that his OT playoff record is 8-18?
Sacre Bleu? Will Lou Lamierrelo have to , in addition to being GM and Coach, also have to play right defense? His is th eonly face on the Devils bench that is intense and scary enough to scare off those Raliegh, NC boys?

Will the Stanley Cup finals be played by teams below the Mason-Dixon line?

Whisky Prajer said...

Until our beloved national Broadcasting Corporation covers that series, I have nothing to say (no cable, you understand). But Brodeur's stats certainly look pathetic.

Trent Reimer said...

Funny, I thought Brodeur has been looking like a better than average goaltender when I've been watching but I'll admit that's been spotty. Do you think part of the reason Marty's stats are lagging at the same time that Anaheim's Ilya Bryzgalov is setting a 76 year record may be more than coincidence?

Ducks sign Niedermeyer brothers to four year contracts

DarkoV said...

Brodeur played fine, almost great, when they knocked out the Rangers in 4. I'm hoping that he, like me, still can;t believe there's a team still alive (make that very alive) in the playoffs with the name "Mighty Ducks". It's like the Yankees playing the Colossal Wheaties in the baseball playoffs. You sort of have to rub your eyes and clear out the earwax to check if you really saw and heard that name.

As far as the Devils playing the 'Canes? I'm struck with dumbness. I expected that if they were to play Buffalo, the series would be tough. Frankly, I thought the Devils in 5 was being charitable to Carolina.