Sunday, November 23, 2008


A flaming meteor over the skies of Edmonton wasn't quite the spectral sensation I proposed. Even so, had I witnessed this I am sure I would have soiled myself. Ever since I watched If You Love This Planet (w) I hold my breath every time an airplane passes.


Peter said...

I'm a bit puzzled about something. A search is on for the meteor's landing site, and according to some estimates the meteor may have been as large as 18 meters in diameter. As I understand it, a meteor of that size would land with the impact of a large atomic bomb and there'd be no doubt whatsoever as to where it hit.

Whisky Prajer said...

I'm guessing for the meteorite to have an atomic-bomb sized effect it would have to be 18 meters large when it hit. The various footage on YouTube suggests it probably burned most if not all of itself out in the atmosphere. I'm surprised, though, that nobody has come forward with a crash site yet.

DarkoV said...

Just postulatin'
Any chance this was something that Gov. Palin launched in the general direction (remember, her geography's not that good) of Canada as payback for those French-Canadian radio dj's disguising themselves as Nicolas Sarkozy? Maybe it was some kind of missle whose nosecone was loaded with her $150k of clothes? All that flash and bur you saw? That may have been some high-end Neimann-Marcus stuff reaching ignition point.

Just wonderin' It would explain the lack of a distinguishable crash site.

Whisky Prajer said...

That's all the pyrotechnics that $150k will get you? She should have done her shopping in China.