Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Right To Bear Pocket Knives

I wouldn't want it to take precedence over my first request of the forthcoming administration, but this petition for the right to bear pocket-knives seems sane to me. Since 9/11 I've surrendered three of these babies just because I forgot to remove them from the (equally lethal) ring of keys before leaving for the airport:


Trent Reimer said...

What if you snap off the blade and just keep the scissors?

paul bowman said...

Wonder what happens to all that contraband, finally. Do they get returned to Switzerland for remanufacture, or is the value in the raw materials? It must come to tons of red plastic & stainless steel annually. Seems like a real opportunity for someone, at any rate.

Whisky Prajer said...

TR - those weenie scissors are just as illegal as the 1 1/2 inch blade, sad to say.

PB - every time I've given up my "weapon" I've been told the little knife will be auctioned off. The petition links to eBay, so I suspect this is a fairly common practice. Perhaps I need to log in and start bidding.