Friday, November 28, 2008

Conversation Fodder: PASTE's "Best Of 2008"

Just in time for the US American Thanksgiving, Paste magazine delivers its Best Of 2008 issue. I believe I'll be letting my subscription lapse, but this yearly ish is worth picking up, if only to inform my heated debates with younger nephews at the extended-family dinner table.

Last year Paste proclaimed Boxer by The National to be the album of the year. Prior to that, I was too deep in retro-yearning to notice The National. I downloaded the album from eMusic, and was happy for the experience. We shall see what I make of She & Him when my downloads refresh in another week.

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Dave Zeman said...

I let my Paste subscription lapse too. Frankly I was only finding 10% of the music that I would listen to more than once. What happened to a good lyric, a melody that maintained itself through a song.

I should watch the complaining I did find some good artists out of it, and it put a nice article in one issue on Pierce Pettis, my favorite songwriter.


RJW said...

Well, The Hold Steady is too far down the list for starters...

Whisky Prajer said...

DZ - I was all set to write a post titled "Lyrics Wanted" or somesuch. But then RJW mentioned The Hold Steady and I had to reconsider. In any case, I found that Paste magazine was getting lighter and lighter -- in physical weight as well as in genuine content -- so it will be going by the wayside. Unlike, say, Stop Smiling, which has yet to send me a dud issue.

DarkoV said...

Kathleen Edwards' album at a pitiful #44?
No "los Campesinos"?

And, what the flagrante? "I, Flathead" nowhere to be seen?

What kind of screwed up mag is Paste?
Fleet Foxes at #6? That about clinches their choices for relevancy and projections of a band's long life.

Whisky Prajer said...

No Los Campesinos seems like a glitch, but the absence of Ry Cooder's disc is an oversight of ridiculous proportions. I'm wondering if the kids in the hall weren't cut out of the Nonesuch goodies loop.