Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Signs of Life (Elsewhere)

Bookslut links to a whimsical bit of analysis by Peggy Orenstein on the Girls' Books phenom. Personally, I find Orenstein's angle incredibly peeving. "What do these books say about us, the (Boomer) parents who buy these books for our kids? Is there any way at all we can raise our daughters without gender expectations, in order to explore and fulfill some unspecified but assuredly innate potential?" Me, me, ME, ME!! Well, to continue the "me" thread, there are three things I think I need to point out: 1) my 10-year-old daughter, unbidden, approached me and requested The Girls' Book; 2) she became very cross when she discovered I'd spoiled her secret by promoting the book in this post; and 3) my wife's latest favorite catchphrase seems appropriate: IT IS ONLY ONE-SIX-BILLIONTH ABOUT YOU! And in this case it is about an 11-year-old girl who continues to open this book on a daily basis and find material that stimulates thought and activity, while simultaneously providing literary reassurance and delight.

In Other News ... I don't know why, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to find STOPSMILING on the magazine stands. I hope that is not the case for you, however: issue 33 is perfect for airplane or time-to-sleep reading. The pieces are short enough to be devoured, and substantial enough to sit and slow your brain's digestive system and possibly even put a little meat on the bones of your imagination. Highly recommended.

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