Friday, February 22, 2008

MAKE visits MAD

Somehow I had the impression that MAD Magazine had tanked in the 90s. Hey, it had been a good half-century, or close to it. My favorite issues were published in the 60s and early 70s, the two decades when the magazine was at its pop-cultural zenith. And certainly the brand has been around, usually attached to some sort of tribute or (bleeeech!) money-grubbing nostalgia trip.

But lo and behold, the usual gang of idiots remains gainfully (if Gaines-lessly) employed. Not only that, but if their covers are any indication, they're doing some of their most groan-worthy work to date. My father (a connoisseur of MAD since day 1) sent me this poster, shortly before it became a fait (non) accomplis. But how did I miss Starr Wars?

All this was brought to mind as I perused the MAKE visits MAD Flickr page. It all looks rather like Bart Simpson's visit of those same hallowed halls (link via Boing Boing).

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