Wednesday, February 20, 2008

After "The Show"

"Nevertheless, out of awe, amusement or pity, you should come and see this unique show" -- thus runs William Shatner's imprimatur of The Shatner Show. Awe, amusement, pity ... that pretty much sums up my own emotional response to the pieces displayed in the virtual gallery (now available as a handsomely bound book).

Now, when does this guy receive the same treatment?


Sarah Moffett said...

My elementary school Tae Kwon Do instructor swore by his Chuck Norris jeans. He had these brochures around the dojo. I think I'm still scared.

Whisky Prajer said...

I'd certainly be nervous around any elementary school teacher who had a fondness for "unique hidden gussets"!

paul bowman said...

Well, there's Chuck Norris Facts. Do any of Shatner's attainments in public ridicule quite compare?

Whisky Prajer said...

I suppose not. Then again, over the decades Shatner has developed the capacity to appear as if he is very much in on the joke. Norris is only beginning to explore that mode.

I would also say that the Shatner Show isn't solely devoted to ridicule. Several artists explore something very poignant in Shatner's (very) public face. Norris isn't yet at the point where he could answer "Everything" to the question, "What would you regret?" Maybe when he gets there, he'll have his own "show."