Monday, January 28, 2008

Podcast Bounty

I'm hoping to post a few podcast performances of me reading my stories. I'm tempted to say meeting the technology challenge inherent to podcasting has been easier than formatting and publishing the book (which, so far, is the truth) but I will hold off on any grand claims until I've got something available for public consumption.

In the meantime, I've been taking advantage of the podcasts made available by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, here. My particular listening bent leans first to Mary Hynes' exploration of spiritual/religious concepts on Tapestry. This afternoon I listened to her 2004 interview with John O'Donohue (his Anam Cara was something of a surprise bestseller, back in the 90s); I see she's also spent an afternoon with Shalom Auslander (a favored author with my favorite BookSlut). But I also scrolled down to Words at Large and enjoyed the hijinx generated by Douglas Coupland's public reading in Vancouver (he claims he begins writing his novels at the Las Vegas IHOP facing the I-59).

But wait: there's more!! I'll happily put Ideas up against just about any product by The Teaching Company. Right now they're running a dynamite series, How To Think About Science (podcasts here). And down here there's a two-parter focusing on the commercialization of Ayahuasca that I'm looking forward to giving a spin ... erm, right-click, hopefully in the near-future.

Hey, citizens of the world: we Canadians are paying for this content with our hard-earned tax-dollars! Don't just pillage our oil-sands -- reap a harvest of our very own publicly-funded knowledge - slash - wisdom, too!


DarkoV said...

This is great news. The Whisky Prajer internet empire is ever-expanding. With pics and voice and writing, the only thing you're missing is the Action! Cameras! thing happening. Instead of YouTube, start YourTown.

You mean to tell me that this isn't a suggestion box?

Whisky Prajer said...

Oh, I wouldn't even limit the comments to a "Suggestion Box": if you're so inclined, feel free to use this space to leave a full-blown post, if you like. You might even want to direct some of your regular readers to these comments, since they seem to be missing your regular musings.