Thursday, January 10, 2008

i am a garage-glam rocker

I gave this a try (h/t Jim) and came up with the band name "Leopoldo" (after Leopoldo Jimenez), and an album titled Hours In The Library, that debuted at 98. The cover was supplied unwittingly by pallamaio, and looks like this:

What accounts for the appeal of the randomizer? I found this whole exercise genuinely amusing, thanks to various little "a-ha!" moments. "Hours in the library" -- I couldn't have cooked up a better "album title" if I'd given it a week's thought. Of course, a second go-round could just as easily produce a laughable flop.* Had I followed all the rules, my genre would be "Pop." Not a good fit: even when I was a kid I chafed at pop songs. I figure this is my cue to exert a little personality on the random elements, so I have created my own musical genre: garage-glam rocker. Could be a few years before I figure out just how that's supposed to sound, but stay tuned.

*I gave it a try, and came up with Dark Adventure Radio Theatre, Everything You Said Today. The cover was courtesy of ѕ н α 5 в 6 _ ѕ н α 5 в є 6. It debuted at 69, thus qualifying as "Improv."


Gwynne said...

This whole "exercise" was very amusing. I've yet to see anyone's album really miss the mark in terms of fitting in to someone's eclectic collection, but Hours in The Library is an excellent title.

I had to make up my own genre also...nomadic grunge. But I think I might also fit in as a garage-glam rocker. ;-)

Whisky Prajer said...

This bit of silliness has generated some genuinely interesting results, hasn't it? And I like "nomadic grunge" (even if it sounds like a condition most people get inoculated for before departure)!

Cowtown Pattie said...

Didn't make up a genre, used Eric's method of picking one - which generated "British Invasion".

Seemed cool enough.

This was fun!

Pattie's fantasy album