Monday, November 05, 2007

Straddling Political Ideologies, While Bolstering My Bookshelf

Today marked a first for this Canadian consumer: I ordered two items from the US Amazon site that I could have purchased at Had I ordered these books from the Canadian site, I'd have qualified for free shipping. But even with the US shipping charges, it was cheaper to get the books from across the border. That's what a better discount and a superior dollar gets you.

I've got enough Trudeau-era ideological residue to feel just a little guilty for sending my Canuckle-head bucks across the 49th parallel, but I also came of age as a witness to the Mulroney Trade Deal. We get to buy our oil back from the US; they get first dibs on our diminishing freshwater. And I get cheaper books. Everyone is happy.


DarkoV said...

That's IT! The world has officially tilted. The US of A is now no longer the center of our known world.

Whewwww! Now we can all relax.

Whisky Prajer said...

Yes, but where has the center relocated to? It ain't Canada -- at least not this part. Alberta maybe? The Falklands? Croatia?!