Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Blog's Reading Level?

After yesterday's huffing and puffing, to meet my NaBloPoMo obligations I am resorting to a gimme:

Flattery will get you everywhere — everyone knows it's a major feat to get a Junior High kid to read anything that isn't punctuated with emoticons.


Scott said...

I got 'elementary school.'

Am curling up to die.

DarkoV said...

If you don't mind (although this is like asking can I have some ice cream after I've licked your cone), I also blogged about this little tester thing.
Giving you full credit, of course.

As examples, I put in other blogs I read regularly, just to see how they'd score.

I was amazed at most of the scores and after thinking about it, basically decided that while the scores may have some mathematical word length count basis, they do not correctly reflect what the blog's about.

With the exception of one blog, all of the blogs that scored in the college and higher range do a heavy amount of quoting from books in the "Literature" class. Hell, if the rest of us included passages from well-written high falutin' word filled sentences, we'd be in the College range as well.
The only blog that I "tested" that seems to contain words and structures that leap solely from the mind of the blogger is A Theory of Ice. She scores in the College (Post Grad) Level. This, obviously, is another opportunity to plug her blog. Ms. E, as she calls herself, is a wonder at this hockey shtick she's writing about.

Me? Scraping by in high school.

Whisky Prajer said...

Scott - weren't you the guy posting those Muppets music videos?

DV - a much more innovative NaBloPoMo use of this particular doo-dad. And Ms. E gets a well-deserved tip of my "vintage" Winnipeg Jets cap: if anyone deserves "college" level, it is she.

Scott said...

You're cold, Reimer.

But I'm unrepentant.
That video is genius.