Friday, November 09, 2007

Giving The Gift of Unconsciousness

It's my younger daughter's ninth birthday, today. "Did you see the toy her sister bought for her?" asked my lovely wife.

"No," said I. "What'd she get?"

"Aquadots," said my wife."Name ring a bell?"

"Mm. Kind of. Not sure why, though."

"Then read this."

Good thing we kept the receipt.


Scott said...

Aqua Dots???

I'd never even heard of these things before yesterday.

And, as I'm left with two dog food brands to choose from, I wonder if there's anything coming out of China that isn't poisonous?

DarkoV said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Reimer and may her last year in single digits be filled with the necessary mayhem one must have/experience before hitting the non-returnable double digits.

maybe just a Happy B'day would have done?

These Aquadots are simply another invasion you'll have to stem with your daughter protecting shield.
Being a guy and a daughter's dad, the shield is perpetually at the ready.