Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Shake Hands With The Menno, Part II

David Bergen wins the coveted Giller Prize for his novel The Time In Between - congratulations! A friend has asked me to opine on the state of Mennonite literature. So far I've demurred, having no wish to become a Mennonitische Northrop Frye. Besides, I have dreams of winning my own Giller. First we take Altona, then we take New Berlin! (or "Kitchener", as it's come to be known)


DarkoV said...

This from The Bookslut

( )

"David Bergen has won the Giller Prize for The Time in Between.

And in accordance with Canadian law:

David Bergen a gagné le Prix de Giller pour The Time in Between.

The Giller is kind of like the National Book Awards in the States, but you can totally smoke weed at the Giller ceremony.
Posted by Michael Schaub "

WP, is that correct? Smoking weed, I mean.

Whisky Prajer said...

Uh ... I would not want to comment on that at this time. Well, alright: my guess is Mr. Schaub speaks of the smoker's alley(smoking being consigned to the out-of-doors in Toronto), where it would not be particularly out of place to encounter a few herb-smokers. More likely, Mr. Schaub is alluding to our relaxed marijuana laws, as passed by former PM Chretien. Still illegal to sell and buy, but "possession" doesn't amount to anything. The chattering classes tell us Washington has its balls in a knot over this - go figure.