Friday, November 04, 2005

The Land of the Living

Scott's back - hooray! Now we need to account for the strange silence from DV and FCB...


F.C. Bearded said...

Sorry, but despite it being hugely bad form to do so, I have deposited numerous clues of the form "I'm so feching busy I could cwyyyyyy!".

Besides, I got so fed-up starting to write something that you or Bleak or Blowhard or any number of other bloggers would subsequently finish for me that my poor bloggy heart gave out. Unhappy is the fate of the s-s-s-s-stammerer, to have all his blog posts completed for him.

Now you're going to guilt me into finishing something I began writing Friday when, really, I don't get my work written today I'll have my geek-whipped arse handed to me tomorrow.

Whisky Prajer said...

Excuses, excuses. Leave it to a scot...

DarkoV said...

I bow my head for shame of doing wrong. I've been lost in the web otherwise known as Netflix.

Whisky Prajer said...

"Netflix"? Now there's an excuse I can buy! Any reviews forthcoming?

DarkoV said...

Long ago and faraway, I used to write (half-assed) reviews for my high school and college papers. As you know with youth, they were painfully constructed with deliriously concocted connections with one's personal surroundings and doings.

"What a film! The director knew EXACTLY how my life was going at that PARTICULAR point in time...and he made a movie about THAT".

You know. The usual Suspects of school paper reviews. How I wasn't thrown into Cliche Jail or, at the very least, Metaphor Hell is only testament to my goo luck. It was my Irish period.

In discussing films, these days, with my ever-loving wife and learned friends, I've been able to shed the self-blinding mirrors of youth and notice the cringing and squirming that they go through when I begin the cinematic expostualtions. So, I grip myself forcefully and confine myself to:
1) "It's good. I laughed"
2) "A fine movie, Stallone's finest work to date, I'd say."
3) "A disappointment, Will Ferrell is slumming."

The Netflix thing? It's a private pleasure that I cavort in once in a while. I even find myself talking aloud in the reviews of old mode. If my daughter walks into the room, she tends to hear a patter of mumbles. That's a good thing; don't want her face to glaze over with undue verbal ornamentation.
For the curious, movies included
Run Lola Run (an annual guilty pleasure; I should probably buy this thing)
Pi: Faith in Chaos I knew math wasn't good for one's mental health!
The Little Rascals:1927..because I always had a thing for Miss Crabtree...and I love the background music. It's hilarious and i don't mean in a "laugh at" sort of way.
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 4 One of the only reasons to get HBO, but since they always DVD this show, I can wait.
The Blind Swordman:Zatoichi saw this a year ago and just had to see it again. May turn out to be an annual pleasure like "Run Lola Run". Unique swordplay, i.e. no overplay. No wasted motion.
OT: Our Town Simple story. High school puts on Thorton Wilder's play. Documentary style. This movie will stick to you; a positive salve for one's (older) cynical soul.

Crash, Do You Remember Dolly Bell, The Good Girl, 21 Grams, Storytelling, & Princess Mononoke

So, there you go. Just some usual visual suspects.

Whisky Prajer said...

You have me reconsidering some of my own review-speak. If only I confined myself to your three criteria, I'd have avoided all that gassy blah-blah about Star Wars! Good, succint reviewing DV. I'm quite fond of RLR, myself; "Pi" freaked me out; and I haven't seen the others - but I'm cueing up, even as I type.