Sunday, November 20, 2005


It took the examples of several other bloggers for me to figure out how to do this exercise. Whatcha do is, you go to Google, you type in your first name, then you type in "needs", Google it, and watch the fun begin! Apparently, these are the first ten things "Whisky" needs:

1) Whisky needs to work on his tan
2) Whisky needs a cigar
3) Whisky needs to reach out
4) Whisky needs more smaller, adventurous companies to show what's possible
5) Whisky needs a range of ingredients and conditions
6) Whisky needs time and the love of a good cask
7) Whisky needs American ex-bourbon casks for maturation
8) Whisky needs some time to reveal his secrets
9) Whisky needs work
10) Whisky needs a second, or even a third chance

Sure glad I went with a nom de plume!

1 comment:

Scott said...

Cute game! And apparently...

* Scott Needs Help from Maryland Players
* Scott needs Mozilla
* Scott needs nude models.
* Scott needs to ask himself how he would have handled an officer who put concerns for a friend over the demands of the job. Then he needs to punish himself accordingly.
* Scott needs to get out more

Right on all counts!