Thursday, October 13, 2005

Welcome to Church, visitor!

A mention from Michael Blowhard is always a thrill - thank you! Visitors seeking my churchier musings are encouraged to check out my thoughts on being a Pastor's Kid, here. I take a stab at answering some pertinent world-view questions here. I link to a few Christian-type web-morsels that stuck to my ribs, here. Feeling ecumenical? Here's my Christmas Appeal To My Jewish Friends (and yes, they still seem to like me). Over here, I propose a Mennonite/NeoCalvinist drinking game. And speaking of Mennonites: did you know I was once Miriam Toews' neighbor? And did you know that I am personally responsible for shutting down the town's Greyhound bus station? (Nah, I was just kidding you in that last sentence - a statement I wish Miriam would have injected into her internationally feted novel, from time to time.)

And if nothing else, please do NOT miss this opportunity to purchase and read Peter DeVries' novel/manifesto of the heart, Blood of the Lamb - recommended to me by the joyously impious Darko. (I should also mention I've just started Marilyn Robinson's Gilead. Please come back from time to time if you're curious about my response.)


DarkoV said...

Well deserved congratulations go to you, WP. Just one thing, though. In 2Blowhards, Michael pigeonholes you as a "Christian blogger". Look, you certainly are a Christian and you write well and proudly of your religious wrestling. But, "Christian blogger"? That's like labelling you a "Male Blogger" or a "Canadian Blogger". You're a stew of all of this stuff, not one ingredient. So, if you don't mind, I'll be tee'd off for you. That way you stay in Michael's good graces, while maintaining your unique and multi-faceted character.
I think that's what really stunned me about his piece; he's not someone I'd classify as a pigeon-holer.

But, back to the beginning. Kudos to you and your wickedly thought out writing.

Whisky Prajer said...

Thanks. I have to admit I panicked when I first saw the link. Visitors would come to find ... James Bond, my five favorite snacks, and a complaint about high-waisted jeans. Time to hide the magazines and bring out the Bibles!

DarkoV said...

Oh those unexpected visitors! The quick vacuum and dusting and no bare feet! Well, hopefully they will all be polite guests and leave enthralled comments. If they don't, wack 'em upside the head with the feather duster as they leave.