Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bridge With A View

Several enjoyable moments from this weekend, including the Scotch. Chief among them is The Bridge, an ancient, mostly wooden contraption that reaches from the shore to a small island. The lads like to sit on this bridge all day Saturday, weather permitting (it did). Those of us who use the sauna also use the bridge for diving (those dives are getting shallower - in the past 17 years of global warming, I've witnessed the depth recede some six inches). And one of us, who doesn't much like crowded cabins, even prefers to sleep on it under the stars, when at all possible.

This was my sunrise view.


DarkoV said...

My experience with man-made structures in forlorn or deserted places is that they are animal magnets. Nothing like a combination of sawed wood, nails, and caulk to draw in the Wild Kingdom.
So, about this bridge.

This fellow, the non-afficianado of crowded cabins, was he the bombing site of Canada geese and other members of the Flying Guano Brigade?
Just wondering if the effects of the Scotch were so long-lasting that the effects of flying feces were not noticable, or at worst, not affecting.

Whisky Prajer said...

I awoke unsoiled by bird or (more pertinently) bat. Not sure I could have claimed as much had I slept in the cabin...

Trent Reimer said...

Yes but did the bridge awake unsoiled by said drunken visitor?

I have always found cold air puts the excretal system in over drive but I now realize that was too much information... Oh well, it's less typing to just hit the Submit button than erase all that.