Thursday, April 14, 2016

Vintage Whisky, 2012

Yikes -- what was I drinking in '12? There's heaps of posts that seem to stand well -- and this is but a smattering that's been culled as mercilessly as possible.

Highest of the Highlights: The Prairie Cemetery, parts I, II, III; Postcard From Maine; Father(s) and Daughter Gone Haywire; The Monks' Bad Habits.

  • Carniv├ále -- the first viewing. BTW, my speculation regarding the series' narrative direction? Completely wrong.
  • TV Hits (And Misses) -- it's a family affair.
  • Father(s) and Daughter Gone Haywire -- Soderbergh, Dobbs, Carano: I loved it (would, in fact, add it to my list of 15).
  • Skyfall -- words cannot convey my disappointment in, and final loathing of, that movie. But I gave it a shot.

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