Friday, May 09, 2014

The Myth Of The Secular

I finally got around to changing the tires on the car, which means I finally got around to dusting off some of the podcasts mouldering inside my Infernal Device. Specifically, The Myth Of The Secular, from CBC’s Ideas with Paul Kennedy.

Producer David Cayley acts as tour-guide through contemporary thought on the matter. He interviews people invested in some frequently unexplored aspects of secularism. I’ve only listened to the first two episodes, but what I heard was engaging, challenging, and generously humane. Every time I’d nod my head in agreement with someone’s sentiment, another would follow to provoke thought in an unexpected direction. And who among us couldn’t stand a little more of that?

The episodes don’t seem to be available for download any longer, alas, but you can still stream them on the CBC site, here. Highly recommended.

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