Friday, May 30, 2014

Promissory Notice

“So when are you going to finish with G.K. Chesterton?” asked my wife.

Argh. This week — I promise. Once the Kings and Rangers settle into the playoffs for Stanley, I’ll be less preoccupied.

On another note: how do you think the Sin City sequel will do at the Box Office? Will it play like 300: Rise of an Empire (which pulled in a little better than half of the receipts 300 did)? Or will it play like the sequel to Star Wars? My guess: it'll do a bit better than the 300 follow-up, but not much.

Hey, they both star Eva Green! As good an excuse as any to post her picture:

Links: I thought the Sin City comics and movie were pretty much the signal of Frank Miller's artistic decline.  Still do.


paul bowman said...

I'd forgotten where I'd know Eva Green from. Now sitting reading with Casino Royale on in background, and have been thinking for 1/2 an hour, why can't I think of this skinny brunette's name, and has she gone on to do anything else of interest, incidentally? Thence to Google — and recollection of your mentioning the young lady here.

This via Google:

Got to like a skinny girl with a sense of humor.

Darrell Reimer said...

Ha! Yes, resistance is futile.