Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Grade 9, Track 16

“Rock The Casbah,” The Clash

There is a sound that a band makes when its members can no longer stand the sight of each other. If the listener hasn't been a fan from the beginning, she could be forgiven for thinking it's possibly their best sound to date. It is tight and bright and catchy as hell, but it also lacks a certain looseness, a sense of play behind the work that was so evident at the very beginning.

This is that sound.



DarkoV said...

Hey WP,
I know you won't be able to check this out but when I hit the "This" link a message popped up stating that the "popup was not available in your country".

Just an FYI-er from south of the 49th parallel.

Whisky Prajer said...

Seriously? I wonder what that's all about? Out here they've very carefully labeled that this video and song and band are the exclusive property of ****, and once you get past the usual advert you get the old MTV video from back when -- which I'm sure you can see for yourself at the American You Tube site. Very strange.

DarkoV said...

...it's gotta be a Housebound Protection or Homelike Security or Homeland Security or whatever "H" word is being used these days to protect us from ourselves Govt thing.

Whisky Prajer said...

Or maybe the surviving members of The Clash have become copyright sticklers in their old age?