Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Grade 9, Final Track

"Up To My Neck In You," AC/DC

Okay, I lied. After yesterday's hokey song I couldn't see my way around any more fitting an endnote than an anthem from the Bon Scott years. Is it worth adding that this is a band that, so far as I'm concerned, never fully recovered from the death of their lead singer and best song-writer? I know the Mutt Lange albums brought in the money and cemented their fame in the USA, but seriously: once Bon died the songs struggled to achieve so much as a single entendre.

Anyway, it almost feels like a relief to end this disc, doesn't it? And it could have been so much worse. Some of the acts I considered and dismissed include: Styx, The Carpenters, Donnie Iris, Max Webster, Ian Thomas, Greg Khin, even (choke) Journey.

Thank your lucky stars, dude.

Alright: now it's your turn. Awaiting your reply,

Your godfaddah.

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