Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Welcome To Grade 9, Track 3

“Raise A Little Hell,” Trooper

I hate this song.

In my Grade 9 class there were two music options: Band or Guitar Band. If you couldn't muster the chops to play “Mary Had A Little Lamb” on plastic recorder, you were consigned to Guitar Band.

The only way to deal with a room filled with stoners, burnouts and goons of both sexes was to concede to their musical taste. Once he got the class settled enough, Mr. P__ cued up Thick As Thieves at top volume. The first power chord chimed, and 30 pairs of eyes squinted at their music stands in an attempt to discern what to do next. “People, it's 'A' — right? Remember 'A'? Pointer finger across the three center strings? That's your basic 'A' chord. Basic, because it's easy to remember . . . .” etc.

I witnessed this spectacle the first time I tiptoed out of Band class for a washroom break. I snickered and crept on. Little did I know this song was destined to be a year-long project for the band, so that by Spring a group of 30 or so slackers with cheap acoustic guitars could assemble for their begrudging parents and strum along to the record “in concert.”

“Raise A Little Hell,” echoing down a polished school hallway every day of the week for a year? Even a 14-year-old kid gets weary of that.

Welcome to grade 9.



Tom said...

Sure, the song grated on you, but look at that band photo on the cover! I mean, they got the band all together in a room, paid for a photographer (or I assume he got paid, maybe took his trade of time with groupies) then THAT was the best he could get out of them. What was the problem? Only showed up with a 12 exposure roll of film? Didn't want to take more time away from the groupies? (Assuming that Trooper rated the attention of groupies...) THEN they give this photo to an artist (didn't have Photoshop in the 70's) and said "make it better". One can only suppose they did, because the source materiel is hidden under layers of paint, and failure.

Whisky Prajer said...

Most of the cover budget went to the hair-dresser, who, unfortunately, wasn't keen on the groupie action.

Whisky Prajer said...

In fact, she was so incensed, she only managed to primp three of the band members before grabbing her cheque and leaving in a huff.

DarkoV said...

As you roll out your Grade 9 playlist (from HELL!!), I can only think that your parents must have instilled in you a strong character so that the journey (..and Geez! It's only 3 songs in) did not require you to weekly attend a tête-à-tête with a psychiatrist in your later teen years.
Hope you thank your parents...daily!

Tom said...

it was all his silent rebellion toward parental authority... minus the silent part, I guess...

Whisky Prajer said...

Yeah -- minus the rebellion part, too. Although the folks' memories might differ somewhat.